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Img Credit: Roman Trifonov

Image credit: Kelly Sikkema via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Kelly Sikkema

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Check out my cats. I have four of my own, and I've fostered a clowder's worth.

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Tarver Nova

Tarver Nova is a spec-fic writer and professional night owl in New York.His stories are found in Baffling Magazine, Air & Nothingness Press, Daily Science Fiction, and other fine places.He is the assistant editor of CatsCast, a fiction podcast with the Escape Artists Foundation.He is a member of SFWA and Codex Writers.

Reach him through email or Twitter below.

Short Fiction

✧ in Dragon Gems, a Water Dragon Publishing anthology – October 2023

A story about dangerous alliances on the sea.

Fantasy | 2,230 words

Image credit: Zoltan Tasi via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Zoltan Tasi

✧ in Tangle & Fen, a Crone Girls Press anthology – September 2023

A story about the ghosts in our antiques.

Horror | 4,800 words

Image credit: Ramiro Mendes via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Ramiro Mendes

✧ in Baffling Magazine – Apr 2023

An expedition to an exotic world reveals troubling gifts.

Science Fantasy | 1,120 words

Image credit: Hamed Hosseini via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Hamed Hosseini

✧ in Tiny Tales – March 2023

Supernatural horrors emerge across weeks of a newspaper's local news.

Horror | 1,050 words

Image credit: BeccaH via pixabay.com

Img Credit: BeccaH

✧ in The Librarian Reshelved, an Air and Nothingness Press anthology – Feb 2023

A multiverse-roving Librarian helps Earth's last archivist let go, start anew—and pet cats.

Sci-Fi | 2,950 words

Image credit: Daniel Olah via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Daniel Olah

✧ in Tales to Terrify – Dec 2022

A father skips holiday traditions at his peril.

Horror | 540 words

Image credit: Robert Thiemann via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Robert Thiemann

✧ in Daily Science Fiction – July 2022

Lighthearted troubles arise in a magical glasswork shop.

Fantasy | 315 words

Image credit: Aaron Burden via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Aaron Burden

✧ in Fabula Argentea – Jan 2022

A tarot-reading trickster gets creative when a bank heister takes her seriously.

Crime/Humor | 3,900 words

Image credit: Content Pixie via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Content Pixie

✧ in Kaleidotrope – Oct 2021

Death and her crows clash over the soul they're meant to collect.

"With its compelling mix of bittersweet drama and charming silliness, this story should not be missed."
– Alex Brown, Tor.com

Fantasy | 4,600 words

Image credit: Kevin Mueller via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Kevin Mueller

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