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Image credit: Kelly Sikkema via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Kelly Sikkema

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Tarver Nova

Tarver Nova is a spec-fic writer and professional night owl in New York.His stories are found or forthcoming in Daily Science Fiction, Kaleidotrope, and Baffling Magazine.He is an associate editor of PodCastle and CatsCast, two fiction podcasts from Escape Artists.He is a member of SFWA and Codex Writers.

Reach him through email or Twitter below.

Short Fiction

✧ in Daily Science Fiction – July 2022

Lighthearted troubles arise in a magical glasswork shop.

Fantasy | 315 words

Image credit: Aaron Burden via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Aaron Burden

✧ in the Bear Creek Gazette – May 2022

A supernatural horror emerges across weeks of a newspaper's Readers' News column.

Horror | 1,050 words

Image credit: Logan Weaver via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Logan Weaver

✧ in Fabula Argentea – Jan 2022

A tarot-reading trickster gets creative when a bank heister takes her seriously.

Crime/Humor | 3,900 words

Image credit: Content Pixie via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Content Pixie

✧ in Kaleidotrope – Oct 2021

Death and her crows clash over the soul they're meant to collect.

"With its compelling mix of bittersweet drama and charming silliness, this story should not be missed."

Fantasy | 4,600 words

Image credit: Kevin Mueller via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Kevin Mueller


A Little Christmas Folly

✧ Forthcoming in Tales to Terrify – 2022

A story about the dangers of skipping holiday traditions.

Horror | 540 words

Image credit: Robert Thiemann via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Robert Thiemann

The Flame Without

✧ Forthcoming in Baffling Magazine – 2023

A story about exotic worlds and troubling gifts.

Science Fantasy | 1,120 words

Image credit: Hamed Hosseini via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Hamed Hosseini

Lingering Trinkets

✧ Forthcoming in Tangle & Fen, a Crone Girls Press anthology – Feb 2023

A story about the ghosts in our antiques.

Horror | 4,800 words

Image credit: Ramiro Mendes via unsplash.com

Img Credit: Ramiro Mendes

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