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Welcome! I'm Tarver.

By night, I'm a spec-fic author.
Also by night, I'm staff at a law firm.

I have stories and cats to share with you.
Glad you've stopped by.

My new story "Sentinel Crows" is out now in Kaleidotrope!


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Don't believe the lies: I am not a cat. But I have four of my own, and I've fostered a clowder's worth.


✧ in Kaleidotrope – October 2021

A tale about Death and her soul-guiding crows.

Fantasy | 4,600 words

The Oracle and the Heist

✧ in the J.J. Outré Review (Defunct) – May 2021

A fortune-telling trickster gets inventive with her tarot cards when a bank heister takes her seriously.

Crime/Humor | 4,000 words


Lingering Trinkets

Forthcoming in a spring 2022 anthology

A story about the ghosts in our antiques...

Horror | 4,800 words

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  • Conventions List - Locus Magazine list of conventions

  • World Fantasy Convention - Nov 4–7, 2021 | Montreal, Canada

  • DisCon III - 2021's Worldcon, the World Science Fiction Convention. Hosts the Hugos | Dec 15–19, 2021 | Washington, DC

  • Boskone - hosted by the New England Science Fiction Association | Feb 18–20, 2022 | Boston, MA

  • WisCon - May 27–30, 2022 | Madison, WI

  • Nebula Conference - hosted by SFWA - 2022 event TBD in mid-US


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(1) Cats.